SKINDE was established in 2015 as a partnership among several partners with the goals of becoming an international reference in the activity of consultancy and facades engineering and building envelopes.
Operationally, SKINDE is led by the four directors, who built their careers and professional reputations in diverse companies that operate in the business of façade engineering and construction, building envelopes and metallic construction systems.

The diversity of backgrounds, extensive exposure to international projects and experience accumulated by our team on their several positions along the last years provides SKINDE with the required capacity to develop projects with elevated technical complexity in any part of the globe.
SKINDE’s extended team includes an array of multidisciplinary professionals (architecture, several engineering specialties, support and administrative staff), that assure the company's activities in the areas and intervention competencies where we are experts.

Our vision

We want to be among the best ones!
To achieve this, we approach every single project with the highest dedication and commitment, aware that form it derives our reputation and the recognition from our clients, partners, peers and the whole market.

We envision SKINDE as an international reference, and a natural choice, for facade consultancy and facade engineering services.

Key people

ACÁCIO SOARES – Technical Director
SUSANA RODRIGUES – Managing Director

Our Invaluable Team

Façade Specialists
Drafters & Designers
Structural Engineers
3D/BIM Modelers